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Montserrat Gil, Psy.D

Montserrat Gil, Psy.D. is a recent graduate of Alliant International University where she obtained a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Before beginning her graduate studies, she worked as a behavioral technician with Autism Learning Partners and became a registered behavioral technician (RBT). She has vast experience working with and treating young children and adolescents, their parents and families in a variety of settings, including outpatient clinics, juvenile detention facilities, school districts, and community/home based settings. Dr. Gil also has training in psychological and diagnostic testing primarily with the with the Central Valley Regional Center, a local non-profit agency. She also has other assessment experience in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder testing as well as other diagnostic clarification evaluations. She has received training and experience running the psychological services department at a community college and in private practice under the supervision of Mark Barnes, PhD.  


Dr. Gil is passionate about early intervention of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). She completed research on the topic of ACEs and culturally specific traumas. She also has experience a devoted drive for trauma-informed care specifically, and child and play therapy in general. Dr. Gil understands children are characteristically innocent and often have a need for guidance, structure, love, and support. Dr. Gil enjoys interacting with young children and she finds these interactions particularly natural and instinctive for her. She primarily works with school-age children, adolescents, and adults and treatment typically is focused related to parenting, trauma, social emotional difficulties, attention deficit disorder, autism, depression, parenting, anxiety, regulation, and developmental issues.  


Dr. Montserrat Gil is registered with the state of California as a Psychological Associate (PSB#94027789) and is under the supervision of Dr. Mark Barnes, PhD (PSY14397).


Montserrat Gil, PsyD

Psychological Associate PSB #94027789

Phone: (707) 652-3116


Supervised by Mark Barnes, Ph.D. 

Licensed Psychologist PSY 14397

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